The River Runs North


    • "Harmon is a collector, a lapidary, a skilled jewelry craftsman, and a writer."  Read the entire Book Review from Jewelry Artist Magazine.

    • From the history and discovery of Montana Agate by the very first lapidaries, Native Americans, to the explorers and first white settlers of Yellowstone River County and the era of lapidary that followed, "The River Runs North" tells a full story of Montana Moss Agate.
  • For the first time ever the how's and why's of Montana Agate Genesis is explored in the most comprehensive book on Montana Agate ever written.

  • 254 full color photos show examples of all the different types of Montana Moss Agate, and give extensive review to some of the finest collections of Montana Agate in the world.

  • "How To's" on Cabbing, freeform agate carving, and precious metal jewelry building are covered in this book.

  • Maps of the agate area show where the deposits lie and how to reach them via river and road.

  • 112 full 8.5 x 11 inch pages are filled with the Montana Agate Story in living color.

  • Tom Harmon practically grew up on the banks of the Yellowstone River and has spent his life pursuing Montana Agate's secrets.  Forty years of his pursuit of this knowledge are found within these pages.