How We Got Started

Raised along the Yellowstone River in North-Eastern Montana, Tom Harmon became fascinated with, and started gathering Montana Moss Agate as a young boy, and as boyhood turned to manhood, decided that here was his life's work. To collect nature's raw beauty and work with it to bring that beauty to light is a very challenging but highly rewarding experience.

     Basically self-taught, each step of learning was fraught with potential disaster, but in the end a one-of-a-kind style was developed. cutting and carving the stone to bring out its best is followed by a gold or silver hand-wrought mounting that compliments each stone.

     Tom and his wife Cheryl started their business, Harmon's Wholesale Agates, in 1970 when gathering and selling rough Montana to rock-hounds and lapidaries was its goal but soon this became Harmon's Agate & Silver Shop as their business expanded into lapidary endeavors and jewelry making. Both the lapidary and the smithing became obsessions with Tom as he tried to learn new methods and techniques in both fields. This obsession continues today, as new tools and ideas become available to lapidary artists around the world.

     Jim Harmon, Tom and Cheryl's son, came into the business full time in 1992. He soon became a top-notch production 'cabber with plenty of ideas of his own. His production capacity with an eye for quality, and his own flair for design in silver-gold smithing is phenomenal.

     Harmon's Agate & Silver Shop became Harmon's Agate & Silver, Inc. in 1999 when the growing family business members decided to form a small corporation.

     The Harmon family- Tom, Cheryl, Jim, Deanna, and Tina, along with grand-kids Jessi, Samantha, Sabrina, and Alex, now work together to produce top-quality cabochons, free form carvings, and faceted stones featuring Montana agate, Montana sapphires, and many other jaspers, agates and gemstones, loose or set into handcrafted jewelry.